Also called Quantitative Electroencephalograph Brain maps, they are used to observe and measure what is actually going on in the brain. There are many types of brain maps – including MRIs, PET scans, and SPECT scans but the QEEG brain map is the best that can be used for neurofeedback training. A QEEG brain map helps identify where the brain has specific problems – and helps target the kind of treatment to be utilized. This information provides a guide to know where and what to train. Each area of the brain plays an important role. If one or more areas of the brain are running too slowly or too fast, it causes problems with attention, emotional control, mood, or behaviorial difficulties.


The above is s sample QEEG Brain map. The brain maps show the relative percentages of each wave frequency at different aspects of the brain when the client is having his/her eyes closed, open and during a task.  With an overview of this kind, the clinician is able to detect aspects of the brain having abnormal wave activity and plan a treatment in line with that.