In the 1960’s Dr. Joe Kamiya, at the University of Chicago was studying consciousness by attempting to elicit “alpha wave” activity in the brain which emits at a calm resting state. He found that some individuals could learn to identify when their brain was producing alpha waves and increase their production. They found the process to be relaxing. Using a simple reward system, and with his subjects’ cooperation, he conducted the first ever EEG biofeedback training.

Since Dr Kamiya’s research, several other researchers like Dr. Barry Sterman, Dr. Joel Lubar, Dr. Eugene Penniston and a host of other researchers have worked on improving the efficacy and methodology of neurofeedback.

Currently, the neurofeedback revolution has broadened its horizon internationally and is being recognized widely and accepted as a scientific treatment modality. The medical community is also embracing this modality, and numerous physicians are either becoming trained as practitioners in neurofeedback or referring their patients for neurofeedback treatment. Researchers keep finding new methods for treating different physical and psychological conditions with amazing speed.