You may be wondering how Biofeedback works. Biofeedback uses a specialized instrument which monitors physiological processes electronically and then relays these processes back to you. With knowledge about these processes, a variety of imagery exercises and relaxation techniques allow you change the processes and overtime skills are acquired on manipulating these processes that you thought were out of your control.

How Biofeedback works

Some of the relaxation techniques used are:

  • Deep breathing-slow and deep inhalation through the nose
  • Progressive muscle relaxation – systematically tightening and relaxing different groups of muscles
  • Guided imagery — concentrating on a specific image to focus your mind and make you feel relaxed.
  • Mindfulness Meditation– involving focusing thoughts on one’s current state and letting go of negative emotions of the past or worries about the future.

Feedback can be gotten from the skin, muscle, and brain and heart, blood vessels, lungs and thus poor health conditions that affect these parts can be treated via the use of Biofeedback training.