If you could,


…………..  Improve your students’ academic performance by an average of 4 years

…………… Boost their brain function after just 12 weeks

………….. Have them be the best they can be


Who then would you entrust your learners with, other than professionals with knowledge of how the mind works and how the brain can be entrained to deliver its maximal output in the pursuit of peak performance.

Over the years, one method has been proven to optimize learning potential and brain functions with a great degree of success. This method has been packaged by Learning Enhancement Corporation as BrainWare Safari.

Mobile Health Consult is therefore committed to giving equal opportunity to all students to boost their performance under Project Get Equipped by offering schools and parents the chance to purchase BrainWare Safari as this software would enable the development of undiluted passion for learning, increase confidence, boost self-esteem, improve cognitive ability, attention span and focus, enhance thinking and problem solving skills.