Are you an executive

Being an executive can be a tough and highly demanding task- Managing people, deadlines to meet, targets  to achieve , vital decisions to take, problems and every day office issues to solve, tasks scheduling, planning and organizing. For all these “executive tasks”, the brain has to function at its peak. Focus, Attention, Memory, Processing Speed, Cognitive Flexibility are just some of the cognitive structures of the brain needed when performing executive tasks. The aspect of the brain responsible for these functions is the Prefrontal lobe which right behind  the fore head. The pre-frontal lobe is also called the Executive Brain and the cognitive structures as mentioned above are called “executive functions”. 


With a variety of safe, non -invasive and scientifically tested therapies,  you can unlock your Brain Power by harnessing the power of

HEG Neurofeedback  works directly on your prefrontal lobe and allows you to focus for longer period

Audiovisual Entrainment (AVE) can can keep you focused and alert, help you relax and achieve peak performance and productivity.

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