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The best gift you can give to anyone this Christmas is a HEALTHY YOU!christmas-heart-1

Has Christmas stopped being the most wonderful time of the year? …

Amidst all the excitement and merriment associated with the Christmas season, a lot of people can still relate with suffering from lots of health related challenges such as persistent headaches, sleep problems, emotional drain, body aches, depressive symptoms, anxiety and overall stress during such time.

Although the Christmas season is typically filled with celebration among friends and loved ones, it however can be an overwhelming period as well because in a bid to partake in the joy of the season, many may sometimes end up wrecked and unable to fully enjoy the benefits of the season as much as they hoped to. Also, during this season, it is quite easy to get so caught up with doing “too much” for every other person except YOU. Yes YOU!

You too deserve to enjoy Christmas, most importantly, you deserve to be in good health because that’s the only way you will be able to make a remarkable impact in the lives of others. Be rest assured that;

You will be a better father this Christmas, if you stay healthy

You will be a better mother this Christmas, if you stay healthy

You will be a better brother this Christmas, if you stay healthy

You will be a better sister this Christmas, if you stay healthy

You will be a better partner this Christmas, if you stay healthy

You will be a better friend this Christmas, if you stay healthy

You will be a better relative this Christmas, if you stay healthy

You will be a better YOU this Christmas, if you stay healthy

christmas1Let’s try something different this year. Don’t let this Christmas be just another one, choose to make it an outstanding one by being mindful of your health, eliminating unhealthy habits and maintaining a positive lifestyle.  

To do this, you need to first try to identify habits or lifestyles that trigger ill health for you. For example, if trying too hard to please everybody gets you overwhelmed and anxious, then quit that. Do only as much as you can and don’t wallow in guilt over what you could not do, be grateful instead for the much you can do.

Try the following and watch how much of this Christmas you can save up for yourself to enjoy.


  • If you can’t handle all the planning – get or pay someone else to do it on your behalf
  • If you can’t handle all the cooking – get or pay someone else have it done.
  • If you can’t handle all the decoration – get or pay someone else to do it for you
  • If you can’t get all the shopping done- get or pay someone else to do it on your behalf
  • Also, don’t try to be OMNIPRESENT– you can’t be everywhere, attend to only as much as you can handle.


To avoid disappointments, ensure to plan appropriately concerning everything. Plan for finances, have a budget, plan for the gifts, plan for guests that you can handle and know when to draw the line in all aspects. Have back up plans just in case plan A does not work. This way, you’ll be less anxious and be more prepared for whatever surprises this season brings along with it.


Laughter is the best medicine as popularly said, make it a practice this season to laugh a whole lot. You can get funny movies, comedy and anything that can get you laughing heartily. Enjoy quality time laughing this Christmas, you deserve to laugh!


Mindfulness is a non-judgmental practice of moment to moment awareness of your thoughts, emotions, feelings and the influence of external stimuli on your internal functioning. Be mindful of how you feel physiologically and mentally at all times and know when to stop to take a break. It will be beneficial to schedule frequent breaks into your daily itinerary to relax. You can start practicing mindfulness by simply being aware of your breathing and taking deep slow relaxing breaths as often as you can as you go through the days in this season.


Give yourself the best treatment this Christmas. Sleep well, eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, stay hydrated, get a spa treatment if possible, do what you enjoy, don’t hold grudges, forgive easily and make every moment count!

Remember to stay healthy this Christmas for yourself and for your loved ones.

We wish you a Merry Christmas from all of us at Mobile Health Consult.

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clrldWe all have our strengths and weaknesses when it comes to learning abilities just as it is with other aspects of our lives. Our learning styles also vary accordingly. Some of us are visual learners while some others may thrive better with verbal learning approach and some others may require a multi-sensory approach to learning. In addition, our interests in particular subject areas also vary as this often influences class placement in schools as well as eventual career choices.

Let’s go down memory lane for a while….

Try to remember how best you learned back in school,

Were you the kind of student that would rather seek visual aids such as pictures or charts in order to comprehend whatever information the teacher presented?

Or could you handle grasping the ideas from the verbal/theoretical methods of teaching?

Also, did you constantly require repetition in order to understand the information provided by your teachers?

And did you find that your teacher’s teaching style was not suitable to your learning style?

Most learners have different experiences and often develop strategies to “cope” with their learning challenges. However, individuals with learning difficulties may seem to be unable to cope with the challenges of learning as they may constantly feel weird as a result of their learning difficulty.

Let’s identify some common learning difficulties and their peculiarities

  • dyslexia-spelled-out-in-lettersDyslexia: is a brain related disorder that affects how the brain processes written and spoken language. Individuals with dyslexia have difficulties, decoding words, reading, spelling and comprehension of written words/sentences. They may often seem to reverse letters/words or miss out/misplace words when writing. Dyslexia has nothing to do with poor intelligence, poor vision or laziness, it is simply as a result of how the brain is wired and how it processes such information.     
  • discalculia-tratamiento-1Dyscalculia: is a brain based disorder that affects how the brain processes math concepts. Individuals with dyscalculia present with varying levels of difficulty ranging from comprehending numeric concepts such as number sequence to the application of numeric operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication & division.
  • Dysgraphia: simply means impaired writing. It is a brain related disorder that
    involves difficulties with handwriting such that writings are illegible, pencil/pen grip is poor, letter/words spacing is disorganized and written
    expression is problematic.
  • apdAuditory Processing Disorder (APD): this has to do with difficulty “comprehending” auditory information such as sounds or spoken words. This often affects how well an individual is able to understand verbal instructions/directions and affects the ability to cope with noise.


As previously stated, getting a professional diagnosis of a learning difficulty is key to knowing the necessary steps in interventions to take in order to improve the learning capabilities of such learners.

Innovative approaches in the field of Neuropsychology & Educational Psychology towards improving cognitive functioning of individuals with learning difficulties have proven to be efficient. For more information about these approaches, kindly visit: www.mobilehealthconsult.org

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“Everybody is a genius but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree,

it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

-Albert Einstein

It sure can be quite exhausting for parents and teachers of students with one or more forms of a learning challenge, particularly in the absence of a proper diagnosis and professional guide. However, the exhaustion is often felt a lot more by the individuals themselves. As if they are not going through enough already, they have to deal with being labelled, being compared to others and often times being stigmatized. You absolutely have no idea how much they struggle just to be as good as their peers.

Simply put;

A Learning Difficulty is a brain related disorder which affects how an individual learns.

This means that it basically has to do with how the brain is wired and how it processes information.

It typically interferes with basic skills in learning such as reading, mathematics, comprehension, writing, reasoning e.t.c. An individual with learning difficulty may experience challenges with one specific aspect of learning or more. For instance, he/she may struggle with learning to decode words but may possess impressive numeracy skills. On the other hand, some other individual may struggle with more than one aspect of learning such as: reading, mathematics, writing or more.

l-dWhen getting to know about learning difficulties, it is important to note that firstly, it has nothing to do with being lazy, laid back or unmotivated! as a matter of fact, individuals with learning difficulties often work really hard and aspire to be better. However, it is easy for others to form an opinion about them when they seem to shy away from cognitive tasks such as reading out loud in class, spelling, solving numeracy problems, or performing other cognitive tasks in the classroom.

Secondly, it has nothing to do with gender as it affects both males and females which is contrary to some strongly held beliefs about learning difficulties.

Thirdly, it has nothing to do with race or tribe as it can affect just anyone.

Fourthly, it has nothing to do with being stupid as most individuals with learning difficulties are intelligent! Finally, it is mostly hereditary as it runs in families, therefore, the chances of being diagnosed with a learning difficulty is higher when there is a history of learning difficulty within the family.

Parents, guardians and teachers can provide support and seek early interventions to improve their child/student’s cognitive functioning. kindly visit www.mobilehealthconsult for more information about learning difficulties and how to make an appointment for a Psycho-educational assessment.

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ldMost of us are conversant with obvious “physical” disabilities in people and this may vary from person to person, it could be as common as eye problems to more severe problems that may even render the individual as handicapped. We all have definitely encountered individuals with one or more forms of these disabilities in our environment. However, there seem to be an unsolved puzzle with individuals that appear perfectly normal in their physical appearance yet do have serious challenges with learning. Such individuals are often labelled as “dumb”, “stupid”, “lazy”, “slow”, “nitwits” and are usually being made fun of as a result of their poor academic performance. Eventually, the weight of these labels on the individuals gradually affects many more aspects of their lives, erodes their self-esteem/self-worth and may lead to depressive tendencies on the long run.

A typical example is seen below:

Joseph is often best described by his classmates as “awkward”

His struggle with literacy and numeracy tasks over the years

has taken a huge toll on him.

This has also affected his relationship with his peers as he is often aggressive and irritable.

Although he puts in his very best efforts to get good grades, frustration is all he gets at the end of the school year.

When counseled by the school’s counselor, he becomes emotional and reveals that he really wants to get good grades and be as good as other kids.

 “What could be wrong with me?” He asks….

Today, many students are just like Joseph, struggling with one or more aspects of school work and not understanding why or what the reason may be. Parents/guardians are also not left out as they are frequently at the edge with school authorities regarding the unsatisfactory performance of their children.


This may be a clear cut case of an undiagnosed learning disability/ learning difficulty.

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MHC at 6

 “My joy as a parent is unexplainable as my autistic son’s overall functioning has taken a whole new form since commencement of therapy sessions at Mobile Health Consult. His passion for cognitive tasks is like never before! His attention span is amazing! This has brought so much hope for my family as we are nothing short of optimistic about my our dear son’s future. Truly, you have turned my son’s disability into ability. Thank you so much.

-Mom of autistic son.

When I discovered my daughter’s neurodevelopmental disorder, I felt helpless and hoped to wish it all away but after undergoing therapy as recommended, my daughter now rocks her extra chromosome with confidence. She continues to be a marvel to everyone around her! Thanks to Mobile Health Consult.

-Mom of child with Down syndrome.

 Our daughter’s difficulties at home and at school had taken its toll on us all. We almost gave up on her until we had a once in a life time opportunity to meet with Dr. Jimoh. Her therapy sessions have been more than refreshing as she is a totally transformed teenager. We are so grateful because her wellbeing has impacted on all of us at home and we are excited about that!”

-Parents of child with behavioural/emotional difficulties.

 My son’s speech delay caused a lot of panic when he was still yet to speak his first words at 5 years of age. Thanks to Mobile Health Consult, his speech has continued to progress steadily. We are so grateful.

-Mom of child with speech delay.

I remember how much sadness I experienced when I learned that my son had a learning difficulty. I was in denial for so long until I finally encountered Mobile Health Consult. Neurofeedback therapy as well as other therapy techniques have proved efficient as my son’s attitude to learning is completely changed, he is more sociable and confident as well. I am so proud of him!

-Mother of child with learning difficulty.

 Our son’s improvement continues to baffle us. Prior to therapy, he was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. His symptoms are currently adequately managed with recommended therapy techniques from Mobile Health Consult. Thanks for introducing us to your non-drug approach to treatment.

-Parents of child diagnosed with ADHD.

 Dealing with depression really got the best of me for a long time until I commenced therapy sessions at Mobile Health Consult. Through therapy, I have become more mindful and I have a good understanding of my triggers and how to deal with depressive symptoms. I am so glad to say that I have my life back! Thank you so much Doctor.

-Woman diagnosed with depression.

 Mobile Health Consult has set my son on the right path after years of struggling with substance abuse. He is more deliberate about his choices now and aspires to excel in life. Thank you.

-Father of young adult with substance abuse.

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WritingSummer and this time of the year generally means different things to various people, for some, it is an opportunity to embark on a compulsory holiday break no matter how short. For some others, it is a time to work harder or smarter in order to save up for the end of the year and for another group of people, this period signifies an opportunity to unleash all the saved up stress from the beginning of the year! Whatever meaning you hold for this time of the year, one thing that is certain for all is that it marks the second half of the year which should be an opportunity for everyone to take stock of the past months and check to see how well they have fared with regards to goal attainment for the year.

Remember the goals you set at the beginning of the year?

Take this time out to revisit them…

How much of them have you achieved?

How much of them are left?

Endeavor to make adequate plans to achieve the rest of your goals

During this summer, let’s get a bit more practical on goal attainment by taking advantage of the art of writing meditation. The technique involved in this is to be absolutely present and focused during the writing process.

To do this, you’ll require the following simple tools:Journal

  • A pen
  • A journal or notebook
  • A quiet and serene environment

Duration:- 10 to 15 minutes


Before you begin, resolve, to be consistent with this practice as better results are achieved with consistency and discipline.

While sitting comfortably, simply copy the verses below by hand in your journal, every day for about 10-15 minutes. While copying, make an effort to be present and conscious of what you are writing. Reflect carefully on each letter, word, sentence and what they mean as you write. You may copy it once the first time you try, however, subsequent sessions may increase.  Any time of the day is fine, but it is preferably done in the morning. After a few days, notice how your thinking and behaviour will begin to change. It’s important to do the exercise consistently. The practice is most effective if it’s done every day for several months. 

Let’s begin;


“May I be healthy and strong.

May I be safe and protected.

May I be peaceful and free from mental, emotional,

and physical suffering.

May I be happy and joyful.

May I be patient and understanding.

May I be loving, kind, compassionate,

and gentle in my ways.

May I be courageous in dealing with difficulties,

and always meet with success.

May I be diligent and committed to my spiritual practice,

and to helping others along their path.

May my True Nature shine through,

and onto all beings I encounter”

Remember to think and reflect deeply on every word and sentence as you write…

writing 1

As you write these sentences and meditate on them, just keep in mind that you deserve love, happiness, kindness and sound mind/health. So whether you are already on a summer vacation, or still negotiating what to do with your time this period, incorporating this practice into your itinerary  will be much more than beneficial not only for the entire summer period but also afterwards.

Let us guide you to have a memorable summer experience!

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