• Is biofeedback different from neurofeedback?

    Biofeedback deals with assessing and training body systems that are thought to be under involuntary control. It covers breathing, temperature, sweat, heart rate, muscle response, brainwaves and blood pressure which can be measured and trained for more efficient and healthy response and function. On the other hand, Neurofeedback is an aspect of concerned with assessment and training of brain wave frequencies using sensors applied to the scalp.

  • Does biofeedback hurt?

    The sensors that are attached to the body magnify signals which are translated into digital information which is viewed on the computer screen. Electricity is not conducted into the body.

  • Do I have to get undressed?

    You do not need to undress. This procedure is non-invasive but may involve a sensor placed on your shoulder or upper chest. If such procedures might be useful, your facilitator will suggest that you wear clothing that will make placing the sensors easy. Other procedures require sensors placed either on the fingers or scalp depending on the biofeedback technique

  • How long does a session last?

    An average session should last 45mins.

  • How many times do I need to come to see changes?

    The presenting condition and peculiar individual treatment goals determine the number of sessions. Breath training typically takes about 10 sessions. Neurofeedback is usually a longer commitment, with a minimum of 20 sessions to see much change.

  • Who can provide Neurofeedback training?

    Neurofeedback training is usually provided one-on-one by a mental health professional who has been Board Certified in Neurofeedback (BCN) by the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA)

  • What does the training do? Will I be cured?

    Biofeedback helps the body to function better, and better bodily functions equal a happier, calmer, more productive life. Biofeedback is not a cure, simply a way of helping you live more fully with less concern.

  • How long will the effects of biofeedback training last?

    One of the most fascinating aspects of biofeedback is that the effects of the training and skills learnt are permanent. People are able to use their biofeedback skills to continue self regulation forever and maintain a good health status.