WritingSummer and this time of the year generally means different things to various people, for some, it is an opportunity to embark on a compulsory holiday break no matter how short. For some others, it is a time to work harder or smarter in order to save up for the end of the year and for another group of people, this period signifies an opportunity to unleash all the saved up stress from the beginning of the year! Whatever meaning you hold for this time of the year, one thing that is certain for all is that it marks the second half of the year which should be an opportunity for everyone to take stock of the past months and check to see how well they have fared with regards to goal attainment for the year.

Remember the goals you set at the beginning of the year?

Take this time out to revisit them…

How much of them have you achieved?

How much of them are left?

Endeavor to make adequate plans to achieve the rest of your goals

During this summer, let’s get a bit more practical on goal attainment by taking advantage of the art of writing meditation. The technique involved in this is to be absolutely present and focused during the writing process.

To do this, you’ll require the following simple tools:Journal

  • A pen
  • A journal or notebook
  • A quiet and serene environment

Duration:- 10 to 15 minutes


Before you begin, resolve, to be consistent with this practice as better results are achieved with consistency and discipline.

While sitting comfortably, simply copy the verses below by hand in your journal, every day for about 10-15 minutes. While copying, make an effort to be present and conscious of what you are writing. Reflect carefully on each letter, word, sentence and what they mean as you write. You may copy it once the first time you try, however, subsequent sessions may increase.  Any time of the day is fine, but it is preferably done in the morning. After a few days, notice how your thinking and behaviour will begin to change. It’s important to do the exercise consistently. The practice is most effective if it’s done every day for several months. 

Let’s begin;


“May I be healthy and strong.

May I be safe and protected.

May I be peaceful and free from mental, emotional,

and physical suffering.

May I be happy and joyful.

May I be patient and understanding.

May I be loving, kind, compassionate,

and gentle in my ways.

May I be courageous in dealing with difficulties,

and always meet with success.

May I be diligent and committed to my spiritual practice,

and to helping others along their path.

May my True Nature shine through,

and onto all beings I encounter”

Remember to think and reflect deeply on every word and sentence as you write…

writing 1

As you write these sentences and meditate on them, just keep in mind that you deserve love, happiness, kindness and sound mind/health. So whether you are already on a summer vacation, or still negotiating what to do with your time this period, incorporating this practice into your itinerary  will be much more than beneficial not only for the entire summer period but also afterwards.

Let us guide you to have a memorable summer experience!

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