It’s summertime once again! Every school year, students look forward to the summer holidays because that’s when they get to put away their school books, get involved in lots of exciting holiday activities and visit their favorite summer destinations. Sadly, a lot of academic regression often occurs during this period as students rarely engage in activities that can enhance learning skills. This regression is known as “Summer Brain Drain”

Simply put, it is the regression in acquired learning skills that students experience over the summer holiday.

Although some children may not necessarily regress academically, they may rather be unable to make any measurable academic progress over the summer. Although very common, it can be avoided.

How to prevent summer Brain Drain

Parents and care givers of students can help retain learning skills by getting them engaged with the computerized cognitive enhancement software. By incorporating this with your plans for this summer holiday, you are sure to escape summer brain drain!

The computerized cognitive enhancement software is an award winning software that incorporates over 35 years of proven clinical approaches to cognitive skills development into an engaging video-game format.

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Do you know that your children can become more intelligent by developing problem solving skills, thinking skills, self-confidence, improved memory and concentration while having fun during this summer holiday?

Equip them for a great future by making them a part of our computerized cognitive enhancement program.

Prior research has revealed that this program has the capability to improve cognitive intelligence by 4 years and 3 months!

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