No two persons are the same. We may share the same physical features but we all are unique in our own way!

At one time or the other, we must have come across the word personality. Often times we hear people talk about their attributes or some behaviours being described as a their personality. Some frequently asked questions about personality are;

What exactly is personality?

Is it truly unique to every individual?

How does it come about?

Can it be learned and improved upon?

Can it change?

Let’s find out!

What is personality?

Personality refers to the differences in the way people act, think or feel. It is a pattern of unique features possessed by individuals that distinguishes one person from the next. Surely, we all have someone around us who behaves differently from the way we do and reacts differently to similar situations as we do. This is simply personality in play.

How does it come about?

Where do you think you got your personality from?

Is it majorly hereditary or as a result of your environment?

The debate about where an individual’s personality originates from is quite common as some argue that it is inherited from our parents while others believe that it is acquired from the environment “Nature vs Nurture” . Actually, both biological and environmental factors influence a person’s personality.

nature and nurtureThis is why individuals exhibit certain personality traits that is similar to that of their parents/family and also have other traits that can be attributed to their environment.

Keep in mind that our environment can include the physical, social, family, cultural and school environment. For example, a person of a certain tribe or race, having lived in a totally different environment from that of his/her origin may take on certain personality traits common to that environment. However, his/her genetically gotten traits will also be exhibited. Therefore, environment and heredity work hand in hand.

 Let’s take on a personality challenge!

You’ll require a writing material for this challenge.

Create two lists,

On the first, write out some traits you think you got from your parents/ family and on the other, list some traits you feel you must have gotten from your environment.

We really hope you take this challenge and drop your comments below.

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