Fresh startEvery year, same time, different resolutions are made. The excitement of a new year brings our hearts to such a point where we hope for a better and worthy second chance. Goals of previous years are revisited, reviewed and reconstructed.

We truly believe we can.

And we hope for a better tomorrow.

With the hype that new year resolutions get, you would expect that researches would have been conducted on how effective they are. Two researches published in clinical psychology journals have a lot to say regarding new year resolutions. While those who had new year resolutions were more likely to show a behavior change than those without them (Norcross, Mrykalo & Blagys, 2002), another research shows that only 8% of Americans are actually successful in achieving their new year resolutions.

However ritualistic, it may sound,  resolutions are a good way to start the year as it puts your mind in a state of readiness to act. What one may consider changing is the approach to setting these resolutions.

simple goals

Simple. Tangible. Practicable

Simple : Resolutions should not be ambiguous but broken down into small achievable bits. With simple resolutions, steps can be taken each day to achieve them. Your goals need to be clear, focused, and well defined. Avoid general terms and be as detailed or specific as you can.

Tangible: Can you see it? Can it be measured? Would you know when you have achieved it? New year resolutions need to be tangible. This is pertinent, so you can track your progress and put in more effort if need be.

Practicable: Examine your resolutions to see if it is realistic, attainable and believable ! Give yourself a time frame to achieve them and ensure that it is achievable within that time frame.

It is important to note that planning is very crucial to success. Someone once said that if you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail. You can make everyday count this year by setting simple, tangible and practicable new year resolutions.

Looking forward to an exciting year with you.

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Have an exciting and fulfilling 2015. Happy new year Happy new year


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