There is a growing interest in the use of contemplative science particularly mindfulness based practices in schools around the world (Albrecht, Albrecht & Coben, 2012). Prior studies have demonstrated how mindfulness can be used to increase the ability to concentrate and sustain attention, reduce stress and anxiety among school aged youths, increase awareness of and compassion towards other people, increase self-control/self-regulation and the ability to responds thoughtfully rather than react impulsive to situations, improve executive functions, (Frank, Jennings & Greenberg 2013; Burke, 2010; Greeson, 2008; Brown & Ryan, 2003).

This article explores the potential efficacy of the mindfulness based practices in Nigerian schools.

The article will review related literature on mindfulness based practices in schools, its core concept, purpose of mindfulness in schools and the psycho-educational implications in schools. Finally results from prior research findings will be examined followed by recommendations.



Mindfulness, Schools, Students, Nigeria, Practices, self-regulation

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