Everybody goes through stress. Stress is a part of our daily lives.  Busy schedules, deadlines, child birth, family demands, relocation, job dismissals, loss of a loved one and health challenges are just some of the few events that trigger stress.

“Stress can be defined as our body’s natural response to external pressure especially when faced with challenging and sometimes dangerous situations that may be beyond our control. It may also result from internal pressure arising from the demands we place on ourselves”.

When you are stressed, you feel it and your body reacts to it. You know you are stressed when you are constantly anxious, jittery and overwhelmed. Experiencing body aches constantly, frequent colds, memory problems, and difficulties concentrating may signal the onset of stress. Prolonged stress can also impact your health negatively and hinder optimal performance either at work or at home.  stress

Your body responds to stress by sending signals to the brain to stimulate the production of stress hormones such as cortisol and aldosterone which reduce the functioning of the immune system whose primary duty is to protect your body from diseases and infections. Also in response to a stressful situation, your body gets into a flight or fight response state that leads to increase in blood pressure, heart rate and muscle tension thereby making the body prone to cardiovascular diseases.

The question is.. ????????????? 

How can you  stay relaxed in a stressful situation and guard  your  immune system from diseases and infections? 

Two words! 

Quick Calm! 

Counteract the effects of stress hormones with  Mobile Health Consult’s Quick Calm Technique!  Click on


and experience deep relaxation that will:

1. Release bodily tension
2. Reduce anxiety
3. Lower blood pressure
4. Improve sleep 

Choose Skills instead of Pills 

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