The European Union (EU) sees entrepreneurship as one of the important objectives for education, a source of flexibility and innovation, a creator of jobs for the economy and at the same time, an interesting possibility for individual development, fulfillment and citizenship (European Community, 1999). To this end, entrepreneurship education is particularly imperative in energizing national economies as it brings new ideas to life through innovation, resourcefulness and the aspiration to build something of lifelong significance. UNESCO (2008) defines entrepreneurship education as education and training which allows students to develop and use their creativity and take initiatives, responsibilities and risks. By its range, nature and distinctiveness, entrepreneurship education is a rebranding education culture meant to certify an all-inclusive educational system re-engineering arising from the obvious deficits of the existing education system. This paper, examines the conceptual clarification of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship education, tertiary education and employability. It further explores the place of entrepreneurship education in the employability of tertiary education graduates and national development alongside its challenges. Finally, recommendations for proper utilization of entrepreneurship education as a tool for employability and national development in Nigeria are made.

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