This is also referred to as amnesia which is a failure to recall information which could arise from a failure to register some occurrence (e.g., from lack of attention), a failure to store it (by a process usually called consolidation), or a failure to retrieve from previously stored memories.

Young children especially with learning difficulties experience memory problems in their day to day tasks. Some characteristic traits include:

    • Often doesn’t remember what was seen, heard or shown.
    • Has difficulty with remembering sequences in directions or instructions.
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  • Often forgets the pronounciation of frequently used words, spelling is weak.
  • Sight vocabulary is weak and reading is often slow to develop.
  • Difficulty with items that need to be memorized – facts, speeches, rhymes etc.
  • Often appears forgetful.
  • Expressive and receptive language is weak.
  • Rarely uses appropriate nouns, refers to that thing, or you know.
  • Often repeats the same errors

Adults also experience memory deficits, and this challenge affects their performance at work. Older adults are especially prone to dementia experience memory deficits.

Our range of Brain Brightening Therapies can help

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cognitive functioning and decline in both young and old.



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