Addictions may involve a compulsive need to use drugs, substances or alcohol in order functioning normally. When these substances

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are unobtainable, the person experiences withdrawal symptoms. Some of this withdrawal symptoms may include: anxiety, restlessness, sweating, muscle tension, tremor, depression, racing heart etc. loss of concentration.

Drug and Alcohol Addictions can be very challenging to overcome. A number of case studies and uncontrolled studies show benefit of neurofeedback for treating alcoholic depression (Kumano et al., 1996; Waldkoetter & Sanders, 1997). A few controlled neurofeedback studies (Peniston & Kulkosky, 1989; Saxby & Peniston, 1995) provided further evidence for this reduction in depression and reported sustained prevention of relapse at 21-month follow-up in alcoholics who had completed the training (Saxby & Peniston, 1995). Another showed that 6 of 10 alcohol-dependent males had not relapsed 4 months post self-regulation of slow cortical potentials (Schneider et al., 1993).

If you are experiencing the withdrawal symptoms as highlighted above or you want to stop drug

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